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paste42's Journal

Eddie from Jersey
22 December 1979
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i'm the type of person that doesn't want to write this out right now.
80s movies, abstinence, adult swim, afi, all!, allogistics, anarchosyndicalism, anarchy, anxiety, arrogance, assorted jellybeans, bacon bits, being myself, bluntness, brak, chaos, cheese, choking victim, christfucker, classical music, computer stuff, conceit, crap in buckets, crescent fresh, descendents, dexter's lab, duck tales, ending sentences in prepositions, f.y.p, f.y.p., farsightedness, final fantasy, five year plan, fractals, fuckers fuckers fuckers, fucking with people, fyp, gainesville, girls, good food, gorilla biscuits, harry potter, helen hunt, honesty, humor, idiocy, insanity, interests, irony, jargon scott, kissing, kittens, large vegetables, long lists, lotion in the basket, lovecraft, magnets, making love, making out, man or astro-man?, maple stirrups, math, mathematics, matzoh balls, mind games, mismatched argyle socks, mitch hedberg, moam, moonanites, my anus is bleeding, my ass, nearsightedness, needles, nonsense, not olives, open-mindedness, operation ivy, palindromes, paranoia, playing guitar, pooping, precious roy, proper spelling, psychology, puking, punk rock, randomness, raspberry danishes, rejected, rescue rangers, robothero, rodney mullen, rubik's cubes, rudimentary peni, seasoned cheese fries, semordnilap, shit-eating grins, shitty recordings, sifl and olly, skateboarding, sockeye, spelling bees, spelling wasps, spontaneity, squatter's rights, staying up late, stikky, stress, teaching, tense situations, the door, the rapists for twenty, the rolling bears, the smell of fear, they might be giants, threebrain, tmbg, typos, ugliness, un*x, video game music, video games, waffle house, weird faces, window sills, words ending in -ly, your face, ~