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(no subject) [Oct. 8th, 2014|06:57 pm]
Eddie from Jersey
running is tiring. my niece is super cute. saw tim and eric and dr. steve brule live. it was awesome.
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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2014|01:18 pm]
Eddie from Jersey
eating some spicy spicy spicy noodle soup at some noodle place here for lunch. the noodles were way hot, so to cool them down you have a little bowl that you can transfer the noodles to from the big cast iron bowl. but the noodles are also slippery and pretty long, so it's hard to keep a grip on them to get them all the way out of the big bowl so they slip down and splash fiery soup droplets. i've eaten similar dishes before and although my shirt was usually the main victim, today a random droplet flies into my left eye and OW. spicy and hot in the eye OW.

so i get a tissue and try to let the tears do their thing and eventually, eventually it calms down and it just feels like it looks red, but it doesn't really hurt anymore. okay, cautiously eat now. forget the transfer, just pull the noodles a little out of the bowl and bite them and i'll be okay. getting a little more confident, eating faster, chowing down and splash, into the OTHER GODDAM EYE. they feel okay now though and don't look any worse for wear.

leaving tomorrow morning, 36 hours in transit and i get home the same day. i miss yumyum.
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(no subject) [Jul. 12th, 2014|07:14 pm]
Eddie from Jersey
today i saw a guy wearing a shirt that said "i am not a smug twat all the love"
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2014|09:23 pm]
Eddie from Jersey
tonight we went to a pizza buffet place here in china, and before you ask, YES, they did have crab pineapple corn pizza. they also had a bunch of "normal" pizzas. also, north african meatballs, barbecue chicken on skewers with pieces of ligament, soups, wings, dragonfruit, melons with some sort of cream on them (?)(i didn't risk it), and pasta with ketchupy meat sauce.

speaking of ketchup, one of the sushi rolls we had yesterday at lunch had ketchup on it. i don't think it's that outlandish, though, compared to some of the ridiculous rolls offered in blacksburg.

also, last night we went to a german buffet. there was some sausage, but that's about the extent of the germanicity of the food. a lot of the food consisted of people walking around with skewers loaded with meat which they would shovel onto your plate if you wanted. the best thing there was noodles with a kind of soy sauce flavor. i'm extremely stuffed.
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(no subject) [Jul. 4th, 2014|02:17 pm]
Eddie from Jersey
[mood |jittery]

man, i'm really jonesing for some piano playing. i also had a donkey sandwich yesterday. okay that was a lie. i had two.
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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2010|07:06 pm]
Eddie from Jersey
Games for March:

Seven Minutes - PC

This is a short little game, which takes place in its entirety in, you guessed it, 7 minutes. There's a "good" ending and a "bad" ending, but the message it looks like it's trying to convey doesn't really seem to mean much. It looks like it might be a decent starter game by a game programming hobbyist, but it's not that special.

Mega Man 10 - WiiWare

The tenth entry in the series (not to be confused with Mega Man X) sticks to the roots, just like MM9 did. The difficulty level is high, which makes for a satisfying challenge. The robot masters are not the most creative, but that may be to be expected at this iteration. Also, the challenge rooms aren't the best, but kinda fun.

Psychosomnium - PC

This is a trippy little game. It's short, and like 7 minutes, the message isn't all that special. However, it makes up for it a bit by introducing quirky gameplay twists. Worth a quick attempt.

Machinarium - PC

This is a more extensive point-and-click adventure flash game that was big last year in the indie scene. the hand-drawn visuals are very appetizing, and the "dialogue" style is indeed stylish. as with all p-a-c adv. games, the puzzles are a little strange, because even though you may come up with a different solution in your head, there's always only one that works in the game. but it's still very beautiful and worth the few bucks.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - NDS

What can I say? It's a Zelda game, and a fairly decent one. I'm not the biggest proponent of stylus-driven slashing, but it works okay. The train mechanic is fun, although it can take a while to get places sometimes. The final boss fight is quite satisfying and it's overall a great experience

Picross 3D - NDS

This game was great but terrible because it was so addictive. It takes the puzzle of Picross and makes it into a 3D sculpting-like game. Some of the levels were fairly challenging to get a perfect score on, which got frustrating sometimes, but not too often.

Puzzle Mate: Oekaki Mate - NDS

This was essentially another 2D picross game. Some of the puzzles were in color, but not enough of them! Altogether, there were about 1000ish puzzles in the game. I literally started this game over a year ago and didn't finish until this past month. I think the total time spent on the game summed up to about 260 hours, much of which was played in the bathroom. Don't pick this one up unless you know a little Japanese and don't like magazines.
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(no subject) [Mar. 26th, 2010|10:22 am]
Eddie from Jersey
for anyone who doesn't know, i started recording Let's Plays: www.youtube.com/user/paste42
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2010|12:21 pm]
Eddie from Jersey
Games for febrrrrruary

Space Invaders Extreme 2 - NDS

Square Enix does not disappoint. The game plays a lot like the first Extreme they made, but it seemed a little shorter to me. Anyway, it's a fun and slightly easier shooter than most. Either that or I'm getting twitchier.


A little indie game that you can probably download somewhere that plays like an arcade game, except the sprites are all mixed up and change every few seconds. Quite amusing, especially for anyone who played arcade (and NES) games in the late eighties, early nineties. Arkanoid, Zelda, Gauntlet, etc.

Ninja Gaiden - NES

Hurray! And thank mythical supernatural being (or developers) for unlimited continues! This game is tough. But thankfully, if you get to 6-1 and don't turn off the console, you will always start at least from there. If you get to 6-3, you continue from 6-3. Unfortunately, when you get to the final boss (who has 3 stages) and die, you go back to 6-1. Fortunately, if you beat one stage of the final boss, the next time you get to him, you don't have to fight that stage again. Time and effort pay off. So does memorizing enemy patterns.

Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom - NES

Hurray again! This game has some improvements and some terrible negative changes from the first two in the series. First, the bad: Limited continues. That's right; whereas in 1 and 2, you could continue all you wanted, in 3 you only have 5 continues. Also, there are 7 stages now. Thankfully, those are the only harder thing about 3. The enemies don't respawn at all, which is really helpful. You get the sword upgrade in every level which makes swiping at enemies a lot easier. Also, the first 5 stages get easier each time you play, so after a couple times get to stage 7, I could pass the first 5 without losing a life. When I finally beat the game, it was actually on my last life of my last continue with one bar of health left. Quite a relief.

Within a Deep Forest - PC

This was an okay indie game, possibly written using Knytt's engine. You control balls. They bounce, and you control how hard they bounce. You accumulate new balls as you go along. There aren't too many hard parts, except where you need to use the glass ball. It's just okay.

Karoshi and Karoshi 2.0 - PC
These games aren't exactly hard, but they are fun and they fuck with you a little bit. Karoshi means "death from overwork" according to wikipedia, and in this game you play a businessman (or "sarariman" (salaryman)). The point of the games is to kill yourself, usually with spikes. They play like a series of puzzles, which are very short. I recommend looking them up if you want to waste some time here and there. Very amusing.
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(no subject) [Feb. 2nd, 2010|03:16 pm]
Eddie from Jersey
Games for January


A fun little platformer with a simple mechanic. Try it for free at http://thelettervsixtim.es

Bionic Commando: Rearmed - XBLA

Same as bionic commando, but with suped-up graphics and some other modifications, including tongue-in-cheek mocking of the previous version's poor translation.
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(no subject) [Jan. 24th, 2010|05:40 pm]
Eddie from Jersey
way late but, games from december:

New Super Mario Bros Wii - Wii

A great addition to the series, although I didn't get to play it too much in multiplayer. When I did, though, it was quite satisfying, especially in the versus mode.

Metal Storm - NES

This is a game that I knew about when I was a kid and saw pictures of it but never got to play it. The gameplay is fun; you control a mech that can jump and shoot, but it can also reverse gravity. It gets considerably difficult near the end, even with the endless continues.

Abadox - NES

A nice little shooter that isn't too difficult. There are a couple of levels that require some serious attention in order to get through them, but still not terrible.

Little Samson - NES

This game had a one-day playthrough and didn't stick in my mind too well. There are four characters that you can play as and switch between at almost any point in the games. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses and sometimes you must use one specific character to pass a certain screen. Not the best platformer.
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